We are working very hard to get this site into shape. Please check in from time to time to see how we are doing with it.

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If you find a spelling error on this site just send our web bastard an email and tell him how stupid he really is.

Our webbastards email. if you can call him a webmaster LOL

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None of this s&*t is working yet but we are getting there Hold on to your shorts before your dog pulls them off and shows the world how small you really are. Yes the Web Bastard is working on it but i think he is still looking for food in the gabbage cans near pike place market in Seattle. I heard he is getting close to posting the Message Board here soon, stay tuned.

Feature Bike

Respect, Respect is a Bike we built to pay our Respects Dimebag Darryl of Pantera, This bike was also Featured in the March 2009 issue or V-Twin read more
Other Bikes

Here you will see others we have built, Be sure you check our Photos out we will have images of all sorts in the Gallery when its opened up for your viewing Pleasure, along with images of what we now call PSYCHO GEAR. read more

This is a link to our Store

But wait its not open yet
Get your Ole lady to buy you some great psycho gear, and you can return the favor and buy her some as well:


Feb 09| 100 Years of Motorcycles, Yakima, Wa.!

We are looking at getting you a few more images for this show and a list of others we will be attending.  read more

We have decided to use the Message Board for our mailing list once you sign up there you will start recieveing transmissions or updates but we promise not to over due the emails after all I have to learn how to Email first, so for now Im still going to be building Bikes and hanging out in the Message Board area.


Our Fallen Brother Chris Walters RIP my friend.
We have set up a page for Chris here.

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